What is the rage about kefirs these days? Traditionally kefir is made using sheep, goat or cow milk but that is not what our kefir is about…

Water kefir is a fermented beverage made from kefir grains added to sugar water. The kefir grains are considered one of the best dietary sources of probiotics.

Our teams regularly makes Good Bank Water Kefir Lemonade in our restaurant, right in the Mitte of Berlin.

Water kefir lemonade is so delicious, refreshing but most important, full packed with health benefits and an excellent addition to a well-rounded, nutritious diet. It packs a powerful punch of probiotics and has been shown to amp up immunity, slow cancer cell growth and improve overall health.

Low in calories, high in probiotics

Do you wonder about losing weight while drinking kefir? Well yes, this magical drink will help with the beneficial bacteria in your gut that speed up your metabolism, impact food intake and your appetite.

Also, our pretty little drink is flavoured with different fruits so it gives an extra flavourful kick.

Come and try our perfect little digestive drink that tastes like sunshine! ☀️