If you still wonder how we are growing our greens in our urban plant labs right in the restaurants, let us tell you a bit about vertical farming. It’s the practice of growing and producing food in vertically stacked layers in an indoor environment with sometimes even controlled atmospheric conditions and plant lighting, without herbicides or pesticides. We grow our leafy greens the hydroponic way. This means, the roots of the plants are not in earth but in water with dissolved nutrients from which they also source everything they need to grow. This kind of food production reduces water usage drastically reduced because the same water can be recycled through the same hydroponic system. And those fresh, crispy leafy greens are the base of our delicious salad bowls.

If you are interested in learning and seeing even more about vertical and urban farming, hydroponics and growing green vegetables indoors, as well as curious about how we grow our own lettuce varieties and want a unique experience that will leave you with a WOW factor, our workshops are for you! You’ll also plant your own seeds in a small hydroponic farm that you get to take home with you.


Discover how exciting the future of our food can be and what FARM FICTION means for us!

This workshop is suitable for you if you answer at leat one of these questions with a YES:

– Are you interested in hydroponics and would you like to grow green vegetables yourself?
– Are you interested in vertical and urban farming and would you like to know more about the development and the status quo?
– You are a GOOD BANK fan and always wanted to know more about how to grow our own lettuce varieties?
– You want a unique, informative experience that where you go home with a WOW factor?

For more information, tickets and all the dates visit Eventbrite and secure your early bird tickets now! (FYI, we are offering this workshop both in English and German, just choose the date with the language you prefer)


For group bookings (above 4 PAX), teams, schools / universities or individual workshops please contact book@good-bank.de


– (Children’s workshop) BUILD YOUR SEED BOMB – Be a little city greener and build your own seed bomb (from 5-10 years old)

– SEEDS OF CHANGE – Corporate Team Strategy Workshop hosted and led by GOOD BANK for discovering an implementable strategy for sustainable growth and/or mission. We accompany you and your team in the strategy development for the coming year or quarter “hands-on” according to our interactive SEEDS OF CHANGE method. Of course, this workshop is including culinary accompaniment.

– INTERACTIVE DINNER – After a series of privately booked dinner events, we finally offer you the opportunity to join us at your own or with your companions for a public interactive dinner! Guess the flavours in our dishes, mix chlorophyll cocktails, flambé your avocado or refine desserts with CBD oil!