About us

We are the first
in the world.

What does this mean?

We grow our own vegetables and salads – right before your eyes and for your culinary pleasure. In doing this, we transform unused urban areas into productive farms from which produce can be harvested and used fresh.

We avoid using any kinds of pesticides or genetically modified seeds and protect the environment by removing the need for long cold chains, transportation and packaging waste.

It doesn’t get fresher than this – and it’s a difference you can taste. Our salad leaves also contain more nutrients than those farmed using conventional agricultural methods.

Naturally conscious

Our vision is to produce all our food self-sufficiently – starting with the three self-grown lettuce and vegetable varieties we currently offer. Others are set to follow.

We hope to play a role in the development and promotion of an increased awareness of sustainability.

Come to GOOD BANK and experience innovation combined with delicious dishes.

We look forward to your visit!