Dear friends of GOOD BANK, in the light of the current situation, the new legal framework and the technical challenges that it represents, combined with our increasing concerns about the health and safety of both our team and our guests, we are closing our 3 restaurants from tomorrow March 17th until further notice. 💚

Nevertheless, we want to be here for you!

1⃣ To be able to continue to provide you with our nutritious leafy greens, we have increased the production of homegrown vertically farmed lettuce and are planning to expand our production to new vertical farms outside our restaurants. This harvest will be available in new GOOD BANK HARVEST BOXES which will include not only vertically farmed produce, but also other regional delicacies.
2⃣ We will be soon launching our VERTICAL & URBAN FARMING workshops as webinars because we believe that the knowledge on how to grow your own food is immense and ought to be shared – particulary in regard of the experiences urban citizens are facing right now
3⃣ Since many of you will be spending a lot of time at home, we want to inspire and nourish you from afar by publishing content related to urban farming as well as recipes and cooking techniques!

We thank you for your continued support & enthusiasm and wish you the best energy possible in these quite difficult times, your GOOD BANK team